2019 | My highlighted photos

2019 was the first year I have been living as an immigrant, far away from home, in London. It was a year in which I experimented, if we talk about photography: I took portrait in the studio, I took many photographs from the category of photojournalism, culminating with the project ‘If I had stayed home‘Continue reading “2019 | My highlighted photos”

Case orfane | Nobody’s home

Cu o populație aflată într-o continuă scădere și o rată a migrație aflată în creștere (cu peste 3,6 milioane de români plecați peste hotare), România numără și sute de case din mediul rural nelocuite, aflate în pragul demolării. Vegetația pătrunde prin pereții de lut, păianjenii țes plase, iar praful nu mai este deranjat de nimeni.Continue reading “Case orfane | Nobody’s home”

Things to do in Kos Island (2)

Spending your holiday in Kos? Try these things!

Things to do in Kos Island (1)

Kos Island is a Greek Island, part of the Dodecanese Islands, being, in fact, closer to mainland Turkey than to Greece. You can get here by plane (direct flights or stopover in Athens), by ferry or by car if you come through Bodrum (Turkey). I discovered the island of Kos (aka the island of bicycles)Continue reading “Things to do in Kos Island (1)”