0,16% — An exercise of democracy

What should have been an important change in the Constitution of Romania, transformed in into an important exercise of democracy.

One of the changes that were proposed by the Referendum was to change a Law that will somehow prevent same-sex marriages. The referendum failed because only 21,41% of the Romanians entitled to vote went to the polling stations to express their right.

My project is a strong contrast between a polling station from Harrow (London) filled with people and many empty polling stations from Romania. The press described this as the ‘London phenomenon’. This project tells the story of emigrant Romanians who have been waiting voluntary for two or three hours in long queues to vote.

This body of work made the subject of a common exhibition, at the University of Westminster, where a black and white photograph was exposed on the wall at A0 size, on matte paper. See and read more here.