Photobook | Nobody’s home : Nu-i nimeni acasă

My grandparents’ house has remained unoccupied since my grandmother’s death ten years ago. No one disturbed the order in the house, only the rain and the weather did. Nothing was moved or taken and the house became more of a museum of Teoderașcu’s family memory. After all this time I went, for the first time,Continue reading “Photobook | Nobody’s home : Nu-i nimeni acasă”

Valentin Gheorghian, architect: ‘It’s said that London is a metropolis, but how does it help me if I don’t feel like home?’

[RO] Valentin Gheorghian, arhitect: „Se zice că Londra e metropolă, dar la ce mă ajută pe mine, dacă eu nu mă simt ca acasă?

Hours of waiting in vain for thousands of Romanians who wanted to vote | photo-reportage

On May 26th, 2019, Romanians from all over the world had to vote for the European Parliament elections. Thousands of Romanians living abroad have waited for hours at endless queues to exercise their right to vote. I took these photographs at the polling station in Harrow, London, where the doors were closed 45 minutes earlier.Continue reading “Hours of waiting in vain for thousands of Romanians who wanted to vote | photo-reportage”

23 dilematic

Până să fac 18 ani, așteptam cu cea mai mare nerăbdare ziua mea de naștere. „Încă doi ani, încă un an”, așa-mi număram. Credeam că la 18 ani o să am puterea să-mi schimb viața pe care o consideram oarecum plictisitoare, că o să aleg ce și cum vreau. Odată dotat cu 18 ani înContinue reading “23 dilematic”