Photobook | Nobody’s home : Nu-i nimeni acasă

My grandparents’ house has remained unoccupied since my grandmother’s death ten years ago. No one disturbed the order in the house, only the rain and the weather did. Nothing was moved or taken and the house became more of a museum of Teoderașcu’s family memory. After all this time I went, for the first time,Continue reading “Photobook | Nobody’s home : Nu-i nimeni acasă”

Things to do in Kos Island (2)

Spending your holiday in Kos? Try these things!

Things to do in Kos Island (1)

Kos Island is a Greek Island, part of the Dodecanese Islands, being, in fact, closer to mainland Turkey than to Greece. You can get here by plane (direct flights or stopover in Athens), by ferry or by car if you come through Bodrum (Turkey). I discovered the island of Kos (aka the island of bicycles)Continue reading “Things to do in Kos Island (1)”

Valentin Gheorghian, architect: ‘It’s said that London is a metropolis, but how does it help me if I don’t feel like home?’

[RO] Valentin Gheorghian, arhitect: „Se zice că Londra e metropolă, dar la ce mă ajută pe mine, dacă eu nu mă simt ca acasă?