Nobody’s home

My grandparents’ house has remained unoccupied since my grandmother’s death ten years ago. Nothing was moved or taken and the Romanian house became more a museum of Teoderașcu’s family memory. After all these years, I went to the house in April 2019. In June I returned with my father and then with my two aunts.Continue reading “Nobody’s home”

Valentin Gheorghian, architect: ‘It’s said that London is a metropolis, but how does it help me if I don’t feel like home?’

[RO] Valentin Gheorghian, arhitect: „Se zice că Londra e metropolă, dar la ce mă ajută pe mine, dacă eu nu mă simt ca acasă?

0,16% — An exercise of democracy

What should have been an important change in the Constitution of Romania, transformed in into an important exercise of democracy. One of the changes that were proposed by the Referendum was to change a Law that will somehow prevent same-sex marriages. The referendum failed because only 21,41% of the Romanians entitled to vote went toContinue reading “0,16% — An exercise of democracy”

Bărbații de 8 martie

„Oare ce flori să iau?”, este întrebarea cu care ai plecat de acasă și care răsună și mai puternic atunci când te afli în fața tarabei plină cu flori. Lalele, narcise, zambile, trandafiri – roșu, alb, albastru, mov – acoperite în material din plastic sau hârtie – cu fundă sau fără fundă? – sunt întrebărileContinue reading “Bărbații de 8 martie”